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has infinite lives

It’s never work if you love what you do. @dj_laury @denniscondusta #astorianstigmata


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That is one beautiful color RED.

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Stay Puft Edition Vinyl! and it comes smelling like marshmallows!

Please buy me this.

My first modeling gig! Check out @mnkr_brand. Love the Death Knocks shirt ! Go visit to see my ugly mug and more of their sick designs!
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Bon Voyage ! #mnkrteeclub #mnkr #fall #october #astorianstigmata

Thanks for the follow! I like your blog too. I hope I see you around. =)

Awesome! Thanks for the thanks! 


Been doing lots of shirts for bands lately and thought I’d make one for my love/hate relationship with my home city. Pick on up at printed at River Flat in downtown #WilkesBarre

I miss Wilkes-Barre. Sometimes.


Behind the scenes of “Ghostbusters.”

OMG! This is so cute! :D